Some would have you believe that it's impossible to have everything...

and maybe they're right. But hear us out – you can have more than you’ve come to expect.

A moment of reprise from the bustling city

We all need a place of peace and tranquility. A place to retreat and gather our thoughts, find balance in our lives. Still, there are those of us that want to keep up with the constantly changing state of affairs. Is it too much to ask for a world of opportunity and inspiration on the other side of your apartment door?

Living in the very heart of a city or the need for leisure and relaxation – do these things really have to be mutually exclusive? Imagine stepping out of your homey flat and immediately feeling the rush and energy of a true metropolis. An ideal scenario?

About Saint Martin

Reconciling a historic building with a modern design always poses a challenge. But that's when the most interesting projects are born! Genuinely unique and intriguing – these words best describe Saint Martin Residences.

The color scheme of our elegant and luxurious interiors is discreet, toned down without pointless flamboyance. The interiors themselves were designed with the highest quality materials in mind. All for a single purpose – to make you always feel comfortable here.

A strong entrance

A row of high glass windows adorns the projects ground floor front, giving the building a contemporary feel. One of its key features is a spacious lobby, embodying modern elegance.

Here you will find the concierge and an area intended for the guest.

Live well

Our complex consists of 55 apartments, varying in size from 25 to 55 square meters, which can be combined into different configuration.

Meticulously planned out flats are not only functional but also delightfully designed. In consideration of your needs and expectations, every inch of our bright and inviting interiors has been scrupulously refined.

The view matters

The windows of our building face the Old Town Market Square with its renaissance Town Hall clocktower.

The architects

Two established Poznań architects – Marcin Sucharski and Łukasz Sterzyński from Easst Architects – are the masterminds behind our project. For over two decades now they've considered each other friends, working closely together on many occasions. They've cooperated on multiple Polish and foreign projects, most notably in Berlin and Strasburg.

At the behest of Saint Martin Residences, they've designed interiors that are both beautiful and strikingly expressive. By flawlessly combining the charm of days past with an authenthically modern style, once again they proved genuinely unconventional projects are a field they feel right at home in.